Friday, February 25, 2011

Why I Make a Lousy Evangelical and a Lousy Progressive

Originally posted on my own personal blog.

My friend Rachel Held Evans recently wrote how she is both a lousy evangelical and a lousy progressive. I'm pretty sure Rachel is my long lost sister, because I don't fit in fully with either the evangelical label or the progressive label either! Here's why . . .

I'm a Lousy Evangelical Because:

1. I believe the world is billion years old.

2. While I haven't read The Origin of Species yet, I think there's some truth to Darwin.

3. Even though I believe the Bible is true and inspired by God, I have questions about the inerrancy part.

4. I do NOT watch Fox News!

5. I don't believe in Just War theory.

6. I've never "kissed dating goodbye."

7. I'm actually happy that Maryland is considering legalizing gay marriage.

I'm a Lousy Progressive Because:

1. I'm not a universalist.

2. I talk a lot about creation care and radical inclusivity, but I"m not very good at either one.

3. I think Paul was an alright guy.

4. I believe Jesus really did physically rise from the grave.

5. And I believe His mom was a virgin.

6. Sometimes I get tired of deconstructing theology and questioning orthodoxy.

7. Even though I won't be joining the GOP any time soon, I don't have much faith in the Democrats either.

But you know what? I actually like being somewhere in between an evangelical and a progressive. Makes me feel . . . unique.


  1. I'm kind of right there with you. Too progressive for the evangelical church, but not going to give up some of those things- especially 4 and 5.
    I do have hope that someday government officials will understand bi-partisanship and get things done rather than acting like spoiled little children who are fighting on the playground.

  2. You could always look into the Libertarian Party. They have plenty of religious as well as non-religious people in it. They also have at YouTube site: