Monday, February 28, 2011

A Night At the Oscars

A few years ago, I went to the mall with someone who had never seen a mall--they were from a land quite primitive; when the first saw the huge parking long, they wanted to know if we were shopping for a car. They couldn’t imagine so many people being in one place, so a used car lot was the only thing that made sense.

When I watched the Oscars last night, I could help but wonder what they would say about it; what would someone who doesn’t even own a TV--or know English for that matter--what would they have to say?

Perhaps they would comment on the clothes that sparkled and wonder why they would wear things with lights? They might laugh at the animated behavior of some presenters? They’d probably wonder why anyone was watching it?

It would seem odd to me that they would think these things, but I would have to admire their innocence.

A part of me is a bit ashamed that the Oscars (or anything on TV) is not foreign to me; shamefully, I’m too worldly for it all to seem normal...

That’s all I have to say so enjoy two mildly amusing Christian inspired movie moments below...

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