Friday, December 31, 2010

Does Systematic Theology Only Complicate Things?

You're probably expecting me to make an end-of-the-year list like "Craziest Christians of 2010." But instead I want to ask you all something that's been on my mind lately:

Do you think systematic theology sometimes over-complicates things?

The reason why I ask is because while I'm not a trained theologian, I love to study theology. I love gaining new insights about Scripture. After a while, though, I get confused about what I should believe about sin, the cross, the resurrection, etc. Is substitutionary atonement the right way to interpret the cross, or is it Christus Victor? (After re-reading all four gospels, I now lean towards the latter.) Is sin something you do, or a state of being? And if you're as over-analytical as I am, you can really drive yourself crazy with all of these questions!

I think that's why I take a more narrative approach to the Bible. A good story can change your whole perception on life. You end up thinking about things you never thought about before. And if a regular story written by man with no divine inspiration can change your perception, how much more can the divinely inspired biblical narrative change us!

So yeah, that's what I've been thinking lately. Not sure if any of that made sense or not.


  1. Both parts are equally important. To be human is to enjoy a good story. To be fundamentally correct as a Christian is vital to avoid deception. P.S. I think God loves a good story. He is the creator of the human mind and imagination.If you took away all the good stories, how would 99% of the pastors start their sermons?

  2. I ask myself amount of questions while reflecting and trying to grasp the understanding of many things in the bible.
    Yes sometimes I get so confused but I can’t remember being disturbed, I don’t really know for real. We have a very good bible study group where most of my questions are answered.
    But you are right. The bible is a very beautiful book, as my cousin once said; la parole de Dieu c’est jolie.
    My twitter address is: smaya101, check my stuff when you can. Thanks