Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving--Jack Chick Style!

Here in the USA, Thanksgiving is this Thursday. It's one of our most sacred holidays; it's a day for family, gratitude, and pretending to like your drunk freeloading uncle's crass jokes. But no matter how wacky your family gatherings are, they don't hold a candle to this bizarre cartoon from our favorite fundamentalist cartoonist Jack Chick.

This actually isn't too different from Thanksgiving at my house growing up. Come on now, who didn't have drug deals going down in their living room?

That's funny, we were allowed to say "Thanksgiving" at my old school. And "Christmas." And "Easter."

Who? The CIA?

You mean Pilgrims couldn't hunt? Man, out of all the people who could come over here to America, it had to be the ones who couldn't hunt!

Who? Superman?

And then we killed them!

Oh boy, Uncle Gus had too much to drink! Next thing you know he's going to be hitting on Mom and Dad's gonna beat the crap out of him and then the cops will come and . . . what?

You mean God wasn't pissed when we slaughtered the American Indians?

Oh no, Uncle Mortimer made Uncle Frank came out of the closet!

Can't have a Chick track without campy cartoon devils!

Okay, who invited the campy cartoon devils over for dinner?

Wait, did everyone at dinner die? That must have been some bad turkey!

This year I'm thankful that campy cartoon devils aren't showing up for dinner at my house!

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