Friday, October 15, 2010

Run and Hide From Bradlee Dean

This morning on Christian Nightmares, I saw this delightful promo video for You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International:

Oh man, I think I'll need two hands to count everything that's wrong with this! Let's see:

1. This video talks extensively about the Constitution, but did you notice how many times they mention the Bible? ZERO!!!

2. In fact, I don't think they even mention Jesus in this video!

3. First they say YCRBYCH has been in business since 1998, then they say 1999. Maybe it started December 31 of '98?

4. Bradlee Dean has a bigger anti-gay agenda than Albert Mohler. Here's what Dean had to say about anti-gay bullying legislatures:

“The state-run media is going after the schools for resisting the homosexual indoctrination. The homosexuals are now blaming — they are playing the victims — the homosexuals are now blaming their stance as the reason that young homosexuals are committing suicide because of the schools’ intolerance to the lifestyle of homosexuality.” (Source: The Minnesota Independent

5. I see flags, but no cross. Huh?

I could go on and on, but I think you get the message. And the message is this: RUN AND HIDE FROM BRADLEE DEAN!!!


  1. If it's international, why is it so American/patriotic/constitutional? Or is America planning on taking over the world? (O, I forgot, it is.)

    Gotta love those gas guzzlers!

    etc. etc.

    (captcha: forin)

  2. This put me into a bit of a rage. I apologize for the flagrant abuse of caps lock.

    Disregarding the incredibly odd title that this "outreach program" has - you cannot hide from what? the Constitution? the group's interpretation of the Bible? their programs? who the heck is the YOU? - I'm amazed they actually used the phrase "Purified republic." I hate to go all Godwin's law here, but that's a phrase that reminds me more of dictatorial regimes (ie, Nazism) than anything America supposedly stands for. Little bit too close to the idea of ethnic cleansing for my comfort.

    WHY ARE THE SEMINARS ON ABSTINENCE AND MODESTY ONLY DIRECTED AT GIRLS? WHY AREN'T THE BOYS BE INCLUDED? Oh, that's right: because women are the only ones responsible for the lust problems that boys have and have no sexual identity or will of their own except in relation to their husband. RAAAAAGE.

    Then again, if Bradlee Dean is the head of this, it shouldn't surprise me too much. I wrote a blog post about one of his shows a while back (linked below). That a man is allowed to spew so much hate on the air just...amazes me. He has spoken out before about how gay people are destroying America, and we need to get back to the Constitution, whatever that means.

    This just...ugh.

    Here's the blog post I did, which might cast a rather ironic light on the fact that the ministry is claiming to be "international." I think they do that so that it can sound bigger than it actually is, but really, who outside the US really cares about arguments on our Constitution?