Friday, October 1, 2010

Doug Giles: Evangelist for American Jesus

Because nothing says Jesus like heavy metal music, wild game hunting, and right-winged politics, here's Doug Giles!

Giles is right about one thing. I think, from time to time, Christians need to speak out on issues that affect us all. However, as you see in this video, Giles is your typical "Christian = Republican" pundit who worships the American Dream more than God. He even goes far to suggest that we'll have to answer to God on Judgment Day for not voting Republican. Maybe it's just me, I can't find anything in the Bible that suggests you need to vote Republican to do God's work. (I should point out, though, that I am NOT suggesting it's a sin to be a Republican. I'm just saying God does not belong to one particular political party or ideal.)

I think I'll send Giles a copy of John Howard Yoder's The Politics of Jesus.

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