Friday, September 10, 2010

The Banana Proves Creationism!

This past Monday Scott wrote about Stephen Hawking's claim that God didn't create the universe. Me, I don't care what Mr. Hawking has to say, because I know for a fact that evolution is a lie. Don't believe me? Well then just look at what Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort have to say in this video:

Eat your heart out, science!


  1. I used to think "Boy isn't it great to have someone in Hollywood like Kirk Cameron."

    Yeah ... not so much any more.

  2. The banana was undoubtedly intelligently designed. The yellow banana you buy in the grocers, the Cavendish, has been gentically altered by humans for centuries.
    Bananas that grow in the wild are very different than the yellow variety.
    The Cavendish banana seems to be more of an arguement against intelligent design/creationism than for since it forces one to understand that the banana in it's current human friendly form was not available until humans altered it. I suppose you could say that the creator gave people the ability to understand how to genetically modify plants, but that's an even bigger give up than Kirk's stance.