Monday, September 27, 2010

The 140 Bible Project

The Bible has been translated 100s of times, retranslated even more. There's the NIV, the NAS, the KJV, and these are just the more popular ones. Books have probably been written about various translations.

Today I propose one more: The "T140" or The Twitter 140 Bible.

Last week, as I did a daily devotional, I wondered what the 10 Commandments would look like tweeted. This is what I came up with:
<3 God,<3 no other god,dont b a idol,dont say God’s name in vain,sabbath holy,honor parents,no murder,no adultery,no false witness,dont envy

That's 140 characters--go ahead, count them!

That got me thinking: could the entire Bible be written like this?

There are actually a couple projects like this going on. @BibleSummaries and @140Bible are two that I found. I am adding one more two that list @The140Bible.

Why one more? This is not my attempt to summarize the Bible. Its my attempt to translate the entire Bible for generation Twitter. I am starting with Mark--140 characters per chapter, and when I'm done, 140 characters to sum up the entire book. I plan on jumping around books. Its not in chronological order because I want to keep things interesting. Even at 140 characters, Chronicles is boring! To sound trendy, I'll call it "tweetvangelism."

People read books for knowledge and information; when that's too much, they read magazines and newspapers; when that's too much, they read blogs; and when that's too much they read tweets!

You can say if you are getting the Bible in daily 140 character doses, then you are not taking the whole God thing seriously (or you are just lazy); but I'd say, you just aren't ready for primetime. My first real introduction to serious devotion was reading a children's Bible in high school. Not the most mature thing, but it brought me closer to God, and led to other things.

So if you don't have time to read the Bible in large doses, then follow @The140Bible. The only person I'll wag my finger towards is the one who says "140 characters a day! You are asking too much of me." But I guess if you are that person, then perhaps there's a Bible Tumblr page that's entirely graphical or, I suppose, The Lego Bible?


  1. Fantastic idea.

    LOVE Lego Bible. It seriously cracks me up.

    Are you going to try and use all 140 character for every tweet?

  2. Most will probably go under by a character or two. But I will cheat by not having the name of the book in the tweet...that saves me a half dozen or so characters

  3. do the koran too ... and the rig veda

  4. LOVE this. Can't wait to see Genesis in 140 char.