Monday, July 12, 2010

Surprised by Humor?

People think church they think serious; the same is true about the Bible. Why is this? Why is it that a book full of joy has an image of dryness? It’s a stigma today that the Bible can’t be enjoyed—it is only to be studied. The Bible wasn’t written to be observed—it was written to be experienced.

Next time you pick it up, drop the seriousness of it; read the New Testament as someone might who was there as it happened—Jesus was actually a witty guy! He is full of sarcasm, remarks, and quick wit!

Wit aside, the New Testament is also full of mockery; early believers would have been laughing when they heard that priest bribed soldiers to tell everyone that disciples stole Jesus’ body while they were sleeping—think about that…if they were sleeping then how would they know that the disciples were the culprits?

Acts 12:14 demonstrates a scene of slapstick comedy; Peter has just been release from prison and goes to Mary’s house; he knocks on the door and the servant girl recognizes his voice—but does she let him in? Nope. She runs around telling everyone the great news, meanwhile Peter just stands staring at the unopened door.

Humor is all over the place. Proverbs has a lot of wisdom, but is also full of wit. Proverbs 11:22 describes a woman lacking discretion like this: she is like a “gold ring in a pig’s snout.” Nice image, right?

One of the great comedy routines of the Bible happens in Numbers 22-24 when Balaam’s donkey sees God meanwhile, Balaam does not! Think of that image—a donkey sees God, and not the owner.

A lot can happen when you open the Bible and read it with an open heart—one not looking for pearls of wisdom, but for just an experience with God. God will give you a laugh in the Bible when you least expect it.


  1. Or one of my favorites, when Jonah complains that the vine that shaded him has wilted and God says, in effect, "You're worried about a vine -- I'm worried about Ninevah! 120,000 people, not to mention all the cattle!"