Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mormon Mondays (on Tuesday): Cartoons Make Learning Fun!

Initially I was going to post something about the “Book of Mormon” challenge today, but I have decided against it because I realized that a lot of people probably don’t even know what the story in the Book of Mormon is. Luckily, there are a series of short Youtube videos that describe who the Mormons are and what they believe. Here is a handy, short, friendly, LDS-approved cartoon about what’s in the Book of Mormon.

And here’s a rather strange cartoon about the Mormons. It’s labelled “Banned Mormon Cartoon,” and the narrator and soundtrack are creepy as hell. This one has a very clear anti-Mormon slant, along with delightfully prurient observations on the faith.

On the YouTube page for the above video, the guy who posted it gives a list of what I guess are citations for each of the claims made in this video. Citations are great, because just the appearance of them makes something seem legitimate, and most people won’t even bother reading them to find out if they support what someone is saying. The above cartoon touches on the Book of Mormon, but also allegedly draws from other sources, such as the Book of Abraham, the History of the Church and the Doctrines and Covenants among others. I have no idea who made this cartoon and when, but the animation is gloriously crappy.

I plan on doing a post on this later, but before that, I just have one question for any Mormons reading this thing: is it true that Satan and Jesus are brothers? That seems like something that anti-Mormons would make up to scare people away from the church, but I’ve seen this mentioned elsewhere as well. This is not flamebait. I really want to know if this is true, and if it’s not, what on Earth would give people this idea?


  1. Roland

    You have asked a straight up question, apparently without animus, and I will give you the courtesy of a straight up answer, provided that you will give me the courtesy of investing 15 minutes or so of you time (or more if you are so moved) to find out what that answer means. I will trust you to do that.

    Yes. Jesus and Lucifer, later called Satan, are spirit brothers. You can find out what this means by taking the following URL to FAIR: http://en.fairmormon.org/Jesus_Christ/Brother_of_Satan#endnote_lds1

    If you have any trouble with the URL, go to www.fairlds.org, then click on FAIRWiki in the menu on the left side, then on the FAIRWiki main page choose the table of contents, click on 6.2 Jesus Christ, and then click on the article Bother of Satan.

    For the benefit of readers who do not read that FAIR article, here are a couple of excerpts:
    God the Father also had many other spirit children [than Jesus], created in His image and that of His Only Begotten [Jesus]. These children include [among others] all humans [later] born on the earth. Some of God's children rebelled against Him, and contested the choice of Jesus as Savior. (See D&C 76:25–27). The leader of these children was Lucifer, or Satan. Those spirit children of God who followed Satan in his rebellion against Christ are sometimes referred to as "demons," or "devils." (See Moses 4:1–4, Abraham 3:24–28).
    Thus, it is technically true to say that Jesus and Satan are "brothers," in the sense that both have the same spiritual parent, God the Father.
    However, critics [of Mormonism] do not provide the context for the idea that Christ and Lucifer were brothers. Cain and Abel were also brothers, and yet no Bible reader believes that they are spiritual equals or equally admirable. In a similar way, Latter-day Saints do not believe that Jesus and Satan are equals. Nothing is as equally evil as Jesus is good nor is Jesus power the opposite of Satan's (See Moses 4:3). The Book of Mormon also states that the opposite of Christ and God is nothingness (See 2 Nephi 2 10-15), not Satan.
    The scriptures clearly teach the superiority of Jesus over the devil and that Michael (or Adam) and Lucifer (Satan) and their followers fought against each other (See Revelation 12:7-8) to uphold the plan of the Father and the Son. Critics [of Mormonism] also ignore the Biblical references that imply that Satan is one of the "sons of God." (See Job:16, Job 2:1) * * * * Jesus, Satan, and all humanity share God the Father as their spiritual sire. However, moral agency led Jesus to obey God the Father perfectly and share fully in the Father's divine nature and power. The same agency led Satan to renounce God, fight Jesus, and doom himself to eternal damnation. The remainder of God's children—all of us—have the choice to follow the route chosen by Satan, or the path to which Christ invites us and shows the way.
    Divine parenthood gives all children of God potential; Christ maximized that potential, and Satan squandered it.
    To choose the gospel of Jesus Christ and the grace that attends it will lead us home again. If we choose to follow Satan's example, and refuse to accept the gift of God's Only Begotten Son, our spiritual parentage cannot help us, just as it cannot help dignify or ennoble Satan.


  2. Thank you for the dignified, respectable response. I had to ask that question because it seems like the "smoking gun" that anti-Mormons use to scare people away from the faith, and without the background and explanation, it comes off as a huge insult. This clears it up and I hope some anti-Mormons read it.

    Also, I may do a separate post concerning this, but I am not anti-Mormon, nor am I setting out to antagonize Mormons. I love learning the history of this faith, find it interesting, and because I'm approaching it from the outside, I do have a lot of questions. It takes guts to have a faith that lingers just outside the mainstream. I much prefer responses such as this over crap like "this is why my faith is better than yours." We're all adults here and presumably beyond playground taunts. Let's keep it civilized.