Monday, June 14, 2010

The Lego Bible

If you don't know it yet, I love Legos. A few years ago, I read an interesting article in the Wittenberg Door about Brendan Smith, a man retelling the entire Bible through Legos. You can read that article here.

He's still at it, and if your looking for a way to kill time, head over to his website and look through some of his work. Some might call it strange...I call it a modern work of art!

He also has some books you can order on Amazon.


  1. I'm pretty sure the The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith isn't a "christian".. in fact most of the depictions of God's wrath in Job and Revelation are particularly agnostic and spiteful.

    i still enjoy it though. I've been checking his site out since about 2004. i've seen his style and interpretation change over the years (he literally uses a paraphrase now opposed to NASB i believe, which he started out with)

    Anyways, nice to see that folks can still enjoy it and are checkin it out.

  2. Powell doesn't really advocate what he is....probably for a reason; I don't think he's trying to convert anyone. I think he's just having fun telling some good stories.

  3. This is pretty cool - I'm all for Lego anything, really. It's very interesting to have Lego visuals for stories from the Bible that I grew up with - thanks for posting this.

    On a different, darker note - I didn't know if you'd heard anything about this or would ever be willing to blog about it -