Friday, April 2, 2010

He Has Risen . . . And He Brought Cars!

Good Friday is upon us again. Today is a somber day to reflect on Jesus' atoning sacrifice for our sins on the Cross, and then on Sunday we will celebrate His resurrection from the dead. It will be a time of singing, celebrating, and . . . free cars?

Bay Area Fellowship Church in Corpus Christi, Texas will be celebrating Easter this year by giving away over $2 million in prizes. The prizes (all donated or sponsored by members of the church) will include 16 cars, 15 flat-screen televisions, and several furniture sets. Pastor Bill Cornelius says it's "an opportunity to share Christ with people who may never go to a church for any reason."

Maybe it's just me, but isn't the Resurrection is enough of a blessing? Sure, I'd love a new flat-screen TV (since mine's older than dirt), but when I'm the House of the Lord praising Jesus for conquering the grave, a new TV is the last thing on my mind.

(Okay, that's not entirely true. Sometimes when I'm supposed to be focusing on sermon, I'm thinking about where Amy and I should eat after church. But that's another story.)

I understand Pastor Bill's desire to reach out to the community, and I'm all for that. But if your Easter celebration looks more like a game show, won't people be confused about what the Gospel is about? Is the Gospel about God giving us everything we want, or God humbling Himself as a human to pay the price for our sins?

Just asking.

Anyway, have a happy and blessed Easter . . . even if you don't get a free car.


  1. Commercialize that sh*t. That's the American way. God bless Easter - "he has risen indeed." And he wants you to live the American dream.

  2. A church here in Canada tried something like that (but on a smaller scale)last week.
    It didn't do much for them, but maybe they just didn't go big enough. I think we all know that greed is a pretty good motivator.
    And some people wonder why I don't care so much about the church anymore...