Monday, February 22, 2010

Oldest Church Member Found to Be Fraud

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So without further ramblings, here is: Oldest Church Member Found to Be Fraud

Yesterday in Anaheim, California, elders of the First Presbyterian Church announced the sadden news that Michael C. Epson, the churches longest and most loyal member, was not a Christian.  Epson had been with the church for 70 years, and never missed a Sunday, except for the three years he had served as an Army Chaplin overseas in the Second World War.

“We suspected it fourteen years ago.”  Said church elder Ed Loren, “Ever since he (Epson) said he, ‘did not believe in God’ after he was asked to tell God something he was thankful for at a Thanksgiving dinner.”  Loren added, “At the time we thought this merely met he did not believe in God, but he believed in Christ.  We felt it was a harmless comment, and it was better not to make waves and confront him on the issue.”

The discovery came late Tuesday night.  Epson, who is 76, was asked by the youth pastor to be part of a Q & A discussion for the church’s youth group.  Epson agreed, and was asked by one of the students why he believed in Christ.  Epson answered the student bluntly, “I don’t.”

Epson came to the church when he was six after his parents had moved to Anaheim from Los Angeles.  He explained in an email that in the 70 years he had been at the church, Christ had “never come up.”  He added, “I honestly did not know that I was going to a Christian church or I would have stopped a longtime ago.  The pastors a nice enough fellow, and gives us good application for our life, but I just never knew it was that kind of church.”

Epson admits that he does know what to believe when it comes to faith.  He believes there is something, although he lost faith in God after the war.

In a phone interview, the Pastor of the church, Reverend Rick Tyson, said he was, “Shocked and saddened” by the news.  In his sermons, he said, he always, “tried to give Biblical principles to his congregation, although though he did not like to use the Bible because he felt that it took away from the authority of his sermon.”  Asked if he was going to consider changing the way the church presented itself, Reverend Tyson said, “It’s always a sad thing when we discover one of our members doesn't know he is a member of a Christian church, but it happens.  There’s nothing more we can do to prepare for these circumstances.”

Asked if he would still attend the church, Epson responded, “I've been going to the church for 70 years, and it seems silly to stop on account of a minor technicality.  If I were a younger lad then yes—yes I'd probably leave and find something else to do on my Sundays, but I'm an old man and almost all my friends go here.  It wouldn’t be right to change churches now.”

The church has had two other incidents of members not knowing the church was Christian in the past, but Epson is the first a longtime church member.


  1. sounds like he could go to lakewood church, not sure they use bibles.

  2. Only when they hold them up say that, "This is my Bible, I am what it says I am . . ." thing.