Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to 2010

I’m not big on resolutions; I have goals, but they don’t usually come at the start of the year.

So instead of a blog about resolutions, this is a blog about predictions—Christian predictions in particular. In the year 2010, I predict some of the following will happen:

*Sarah Palin will suggest the creation of a separate Christian nation.

*There will be a really bad Christian movie that makes way too much money, and inspires way too many unoriginal Christian books.

*Billy Graham will die and everyone will suddenly pretend to be evangelical for the weekend of his funeral; churches will get a boost in attendance that weekend; President Obama will attend the funeral and make several statements about how much he influenced his life. The next week controversial will break out when a news report that reveals Graham made controversial statements during the Nixon administration (statements that have been public for years). Things will go back to normal the next weekend. (Note to reader, I admire Billy Graham more than almost any individual living, and I don’t make this statement to insult him)

*A Christian vampire book series will be released.

*Catholic Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal will position himself more with evangelicals as he begins his pre-bid for the White House.

* One of the Jonas brothers will grow up and be involved in a scandal

*A minister will get sued for refusing to offer his services to a gay couple

*Rick Warren will counsel Tiger Woods on his sexual addiction

*Travis will finish his book


  1. Well since it's January 4 and I already have three chapters, I think I'm on a roll so far.

    As far as the bad Christian movie, you do know that the guys who did "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof" are coming out with a new movie? This one's about fatherhood, I think. I predict it'll be another good message wrapped in a hokey, mediocre story.

  2. There already are Vampire Christian novels, unfortunately. And have you heard about the movie "The Book of Eli?

  3. I don't think the Book of Eli is claiming to be Christian...I think it's just one of those Hollywood movies that says "Hey, religious movies are trendy--let's make one of our own, only let's not bother to even try and be good." Kind of like what NBC did with that Noah miniseries that had Abraham and Lot wandering around in the same time as Noah.

    As far as vampire books, thankfully I have not seen any--I'll just take your word that they exist, because I really don't want to know about them.

    Travis, I haven't heard of that movie; I'm sure at some point I'll be forced to watch it (although I somehow have escape watching Facing the Giants)