Monday, January 25, 2010

WARNING: This Christian Blog Contains Adult Content

I think one of the biggest insults of the Las Vegas' Consumer Electronic Conventions is what follows: the Adult Entertainment Expo; it's as if they know the tech geeks who flock to CES will be more than tempted to take a peek at the convention that follows, which caters to the lonely and desperate.

This year, the biggest news story of the adult convention was Roxxxy--a sex doll that can feel touch and speak. I encourage everyone to watch the video below, which features the creator speaking about the dolls capabilities--if you get over the fact that this doll is a bit disgusting (especially when the guy mentions sharing it with friends), and just listen to some of the words he uses to describe it, I think you'll come away pleasantly disturbed (NOTE TO READER: IT'S NSFW)

Occasionally, I listen to Christian radio while going to work; I'm always surprised (horrified) by the number of commercials that talk about some form of cosmetic surgery. Man's biggest flaw is its inability to see the beauty that God sees when looking at himself in the mirror.

The doll/robot is just the next evolution of creating a species of man that is not satisfied with the image that God created.

I can't look at the doll and not think about how everyone (including Christians) want technology to give them an upgrade. We can now create the image of ourselves that we always wanted and have sex with the woman that we always wanted too. The world is becoming nothing more than an illusion--it's hard not to stare at it and wonder what is real. Anything that we don't like, we think of a way to correct it with something that gives us the illusion that it's perfect.

I don't think Christians will be jumping (literally?) all over this doll; but do they really have to? You can't exactly point at it and say 'that's wrong', when you consider all the things Christians do to both their bodies and minds to create the false illusion of happiness.

God didn't create flaws--he created opposite reactions; to know ON you have to know OFF; to know light, you have to know darkness; a human’s flaw or disadvantage is merely the opposite reaction of their advantage--it's the only real way to understand who we are and who God is. But what happens when you take away the opposite reaction? When you take darkness away from light? People believe that science can create a utopian society of people, but anyone who has studied utopias knows that they cannot exist without their opposite: the dystopia.

Watch the videos if you want to be creeped out:

A haunting sad new world is upon us.

Man can create many things, but salvation will always belong to God—it’s the one thing that man can never make. But, of course, we will try…


  1. I just discovered that my Kaspersky Banner Ad blocker won't allow the embeded comments form to open for blogs I am following (like this one) until I added to my white list. In other words, Blogger blogs actually work against me for being a follower of your blog.

    Blogger blogs that use a different style of comment form weren't affected.

    I think this happened on my blog a few months back when one of my followers couldn't access my comments after I tried switching to the embedded comments form (so I went back to the pop-up form.)

    I just wanted to post this in case others have run into a similar problem.

    Just wanted to post this in case other readers have the same problem.

  2. fantastic! a pet rock you can have sex with! yikes...

  3. Would rather not be disturbed :-}
    but Www GREAT post here !!
    I am so tempted to quote you Lol

  4. Wait, hold on a minute! You mean not only is it a sex robot with a mechanical voice, but it's also a 9/11 Truther? Is the male version a Birther?