Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Aniversary!

Today DisturbedChristians is celebrating its one year anniversary, so it seems like no better time like the present to give you the State of the Blog address, and update you on changes you will start seeing in the coming year.

I had no vision for this blog when I started it a year ago; it’s only goal was to show a flawed Christianity—complete with sarcasm, humor, and most importantly redemption.

With the help of Travis and a group of occasional contributors, it has surpassed over 70 readers and 40 followers with really no promotion at all.

The first change you will notice this year is I purchased the domain, so there’s no more any need to add

The next changes are still to come. In coming weeks, the site will begin offering paying writing contest—yes, paying! So keep an eye out for writing contest announcements if you are a writer, have a story to tell, and in need of some extra cash.

The next thing is we’d like to begin hearing more stories from people who are actually going out and making a difference for the gospel via actions—specifically short-term/long-term mission projects. I’ll provide details in coming days, but if you need sponsors and wouldn’t mind sharing your experience, than we’d love to help out.

And lastly, we are always looking for more contributors, so if you have something to say and want to help out (without pay), write me at

And lastly, lastly, if you want to be in an easy contest now, then go to my wife's blog and enter to win a free camera.

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