Monday, December 7, 2009

Will the Real Reason for the Season Please Stand Up?

It's that time of know, the time when Christian have to force their message of "the real reason for the season" on anyone who will listen.

I came across one of these "real reason for the season" in the form of art not to long ago; there are many different versions of it--from ceramic art to actual painting--but they all of them have Santa bowing down to Baby Jesus.

I get what the artist is trying to say, but I don't really like the message. If you must tell a child about Santa (or heck a non-Christian for that matter), can't you just say he's a jolly fat guy who gives gifts to people because that's what Jesus would want him to do--he's giving out love and wanting noting in return; who cares about the historical "real Saint Nick" who wasn't very Saintly?

The painting above and all it's variants seem to much like a cheap gimmick, and one that really spreads no message at all; it's not saying anything about Jesus and what he stands for--it's just saying Santa worships him, so you better too.

If you must use Santa to illustrate a point, I sort of like the one below, which is both disgraceful but also too true.


  1. I think I'll send Matthew Paul Turner both of those pictures, since he loves cheesy/creepy Jesus pictures.

  2. oh my! Santa on the cross. My spidey sense is tingling!