Friday, November 6, 2009

You Don't Mess with the Osteen!

One of my favorite bloggers Matthew Paul Turner recently got into some trouble after writing a hilarious parody of the new Joel Osteen book It's Your Time. Normally, I would post a short excerpt, but you really need to read the whole thing yourself. No excerpt can do it justice.

Unfortunately Turner ruffled quite a few feathers. The most vocal being a commenter who calls him/herself "Concerned with you being a douche:"

Joel Osteen is bad news. No one who reads the bible is gonna disagree with that.

That being said, what are you trying to accomplish here, or with the christian chirp tirades, or really with anything you do.

You are an embarrassment to the faith that you claim. You are no different than Joel Osteen. You aren't creative. You offer no theological commentary. You offer nothing for someone who desires to follow Christ. In fact, your "humor" looks nothing like Christ. Its degrading. Demeaning. Immature. It does nothing to build up others, to critique in love.

You are a bain on a movement of Christianity that has given my life new purpose. You are an asshole, MPT. I cannot believe that you've made me side with Calvinists, Fundamentalist Christians on Chirp, and now Joel Osteen.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

(Apologies to those who are sensitive to strong language and bad grammar. These aren't my words.)

While I understand this person's concern, it's strange that some one concerned about Turner being a douche would act like one himself. Kind of defeats the purpose, y'know?

I personally saw nothing wrong with Turner's post. It was calling out false teachings in a humorous way, just like here at Disturbed Christians.

Of course now every time I see Osteen, I always think of this hilarious video:

If you get a chance, go check out Turner's blog. And remember, controlling your weaknesses is an important part of controlling your weaknesses!


  1. hmmm

    "It does nothing to build up others, to critique in love."

    Oh my, dude there is a splinter in your eye.

  2. Wow. This reminds me of our previous conversation about snark. MPT may have gone overboard a little, but I bet his traffic was way up! It's a pretty funny post.

    I actually feel sorta bad for folks like him who are good at satire/snark/sarcasm, but who have to deal with the conflict this naturally creates for a Christ-follower. Not sure what the solution is, except perhaps to work on refining the tone just a little bit, mixing it with some good old fashioned self depreciation, and writing under a pen name.