Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy Day, Busy Week

You may have noticed I did not post last week (or perhaps you didn't), but, being Thanksgiving, I took the week off. Today I am enamored with graduate school application.

Many of you probably know the dire state of public libraries (if not you can read about it here.........mcsweeney's link); this has left me in this unfortunate position of trying to figure out what I will do next year if it continues to get worse (or even if it stays the same).

For many years, I have considered the idea of returning to school to get my MFA--a quite backwards idea considering I've already published a book and currently teach writing; this year the idea of it has been louder in my head than ever because it will offer two years to get away from worrying about income and just write--and hopefully it will all be better when I'm done with school.

My chances of getting into any of the programs stand at just below 1%, and even if I do get in, I'm not certain I will even go.

And so that is what I'm working on today, and that is why this post does not fit the normal tone of this blog.

With any luck, I will return to the regular post next week...

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