Monday, September 14, 2009

Christian Obscenity

Read the book one reader on Amazon said was not "so much humorous as mean and judgemental."

It's called "Christian Obscenity: Essays, Stories, and Other Potentially Damning Ramblings" and it's available for the low price of $10 (which includes shipping), and supports a hungry writer and his wife. It's a collection of what I call "Christian Humor." It's about 1/2 stuff that I previously published in The Door and about 1/2 completely original material. It's filled with fake interviews (including the one with the Christian Porn Star), satire, parody, and fiction.

Those of you with Amazon Kindle can buy it for $1.00.

If you want a physical copy, click the paypal link below or just go to Amazon and get a copy. Additionally, if you buy $20.00 worthy of stuff from my wife's Etsy store, I'll have her include a copy of the book absolutely free! Just make sure and email one of us that you want it...

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