Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can the Real Monkey Please Stand Up?

Charles Darwin was not a great scientist in my opinion, which is why it's always odd to me that people see him as such a controversial and threatening figure. I believe in evolution...sort of (if you want to know some of my thoughts on the subject you can see it here).

Earlier, it was announced that a new biopic about Darwin starring Jennifer Connelly would not be released in the U.S. because no distributor wanted to touch it--they are too afraid of crazy Christians, who will no doubt flood any studio who has the guts to not censor the film with death treats and hate mail, and it just isn't worth the hassle.

So if you have an interest in Darwin in states, then I guess you'll have to bootleg. One day I hope people realize censorship never helps any one's cause--it only creates more interest.


  1. The reason why the movie has not found a distributor in America is due to economics, no censorship. In a country where, as the Mr. Connelly's article says, only 39% believe in evolution, many distributors may find it not in their economic self interest to fund a picture that might not provide sufficient return on their investment, or may result in negative press for their company.

    In America, anyone can start a film distribution company, and I can guarantee you that there are many successful distribution companies that have no qualms about evolutionary themes in movies. If the filmmakers were serious about an American release, they could negotiate through BBC America, a distribution company that is the American arm of the company that produced the film in England.

    'Censorship' is not done by individuals; it is an action performed by governments or some other controlling organization. Protests by individuals, such as boycotts of movies (which seldom work anyway), are not censorship. They may be stupid, but they are not censorship.

    Sorry I posted this anonymously, Scott, but if you knew who typed this, you would hurt yourself as you rolled on the floor in laughter.

  2. @Anonyous; In some cases censorship is imposed by the powers that be due to pressure from idividuals, as in the recent example of our president's address to school children. Our rather rural school district caved in to some of those "crazy christians" and denied our kids the opportunity to share in that experience with their classmates. This is just one example...

  3. I agree; censorship comes in several kinds of forms. More importantly, this is a movie with two very talented and well known actors, who are popular in the states, about a life, whether or not you agree with what he said, was incredibly influential on the world. It would be like not releasing a biography about Hitler because too many people think he's evil...yes he's evil, but people are fascinated by his life.

    As far as posting anonymously, this blog uses a code that shows the city the comment was made, the kind of computer used, and the' not to hard to draw up conclusions :) But your secrets safe with me.