Friday, September 18, 2009

Apparently I am a Commie After All

UPDATE 02/24/2010: I must have misread my results, because today I retook the quiz and came up with "Moderately Biblical World View." I'm cool with being a moderate.

The other day I was browsing around Worldview Times when I came upon this quiz that determined if I had a liberal or conservative worldview. Even though I don't care much for labels--I no longer consider myself a liberal or a conservative or a libertarian or any other political label--I took the quiz.

The quiz started off asking questions about God and the Bible, but then shifted towards politics. Specifically the quiz asked what I thought the Bible said about the role of government, which is something I honest don't know much about. I don't remember anything in the Bible that explicitly said whether God prefers a small government or a big one. The quiz also asked if I thought America's Founding Fathers were influenced by the Bible. That's also something I'm not sure about. I've heard some say that the Founding Fathers were Deists, and other say that while America is not a "Christian nation" (according to C.S. Lewis, a Christian nation requires that all citizens have to be Christians) our Founding Fathers were heavily influenced by Biblical principles when they shaped our Constitution. So for those question, I just put down "no opinion."

Well, according to the results, I am a Communist.

Which is strange, because I read The Communist Manifesto this past summer, and I didn't agree with it. I can understand why so many people got into it. I agree to a certain extent about the eternal struggle between the rich and the poor, but once Marx started talking about doing away with property rights I was like, "You lost me there, dude! I like to own my own stuff."

What's also strange is that Worldview gives you a list of all the correct answers to the quiz. In other words, if you a true Christian you have to be a neoconservative. Which is weird, because I thought being a Christian meant you believed in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and He died for your sins. I didn't know you had to vote a certain way.

But apparently according to Worldview, even though I believe in Jesus but don't vote the way they do, I am Commie.

So, uh . . . workers of the world, unite?

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  1. I took the same quiz, and evidently I'm a Socialist, which makes me wonder what their definition of a socialist actually is. Notice that they don't actually provide one.

    Having read this post beforehand, though, may have biased me a little because I knew what sort of "correct" answers the quiz was looking for, and therefore was able to determine the intent of some of the questions - i.e., the seemingly innocuous: "The federal government should require that only a federally licensed teacher be permitted to teach or instruct a child in an educational setting." I knew on that question they were going for a pro-homeschooling model, and knew what answer would be considered "right." But apparently being a teacher and knowing how much training it takes to actually teach well makes me wrong. Hmph.