Monday, August 31, 2009

Should the President Die?

I'm still putting the finishing touches on the YA novel I spoke of in my last post sometime ago, but I am stopping in because of a story currently in the news that is more than worthy of a disturbed post.

The story I'm speaking of is the one about the pastor in Arizona who is asking members of his church to pray for the death of President Obama.

What's worse is that he says he doesn't want him to get murdered. Murdered is wrong--God don't support that. He wants him to get something like "brain cancer" which somehow would be okay. His exact words, "I hope that God strikes Barrack Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy." In other words, he doesn't want him to have a nice swift death to get him out of office quickly so we can have that genius of a VP President--he wants him to suffer a long and painful death.

What I've always found ironic about pastors like this is their big hang-up is abortion, because God hates you if you kill the little babies. That's a sweet sentiment and all, but why doesn't God hate you if you kill innocent people in the name of war? Or if you kill someone because they killed someone. Last I heard Jesus was neither a supporter of war or eye for eye. President Obama is a sinner because he elected a supreme court justice who won't overturn a court ruling imposed over twenty years around--a law that probably wouldn't get reversed even if the majority of justices were conservative; President Bush is a saint because he sent soldiers by the thousands to a country that should have never been invaded in the first place; his entire Presidency can really be summed up in one word: revenge. But revenge is okay as long as you talk to Jesus.

What's sad is there are a lot of churches out there doing good things, but this is the one who gets attention. The church doesn't even have a big following. The so-called pastor (his name is Steven Anderson) is 28, and has absolutely no degree, but says he's qualified because he can remember over 100 chapters of the Bible to memory (FYI, you know who else did that? Joseph Stalin). This pastor is a media whore who is saying statements contradictorily to the real word of God just to get a reaction and attention.

Join me in praying that this guy discover the errors of his way (before Fox News signs him with Joe the Plumber for their own news show).


  1. What makes me so mad about people like that is they are showing a complete disregard for the Bible and God's word. Doesn't Jesus say that we are to pray for the leaders of our nations? That we are to pray for the people in power, whether we agree with their rulings or not. It drives me crazy because these are the type of people who get the attention. And these are the type of people who everyone who isn't a Christian base their opinion of all of us on.

  2. Exactly, Sarah! 1 Timothy 2:2. Also, unless I'm reading my Bible wrong, Jesus said we should pray for our enemies (Matthew 5:44).

    Looks like Stephen L. Anderson and Fred Phelps are competing over who can distort the gospel the most.