Monday, June 8, 2009

What Would Jesus Tweet?

Last week I wrote about how Christians have a tendency to take something popular in the secular world and make it Christian; not long after I wrote this, I read this on MSN; it's a story about ministers who encourage people to send Twitter updates while in church. There was even a Twitter Passion Play!

I think what's happened is Christians are afraid of not looking cool, so they do something stupid to look hip. It's like Christan's who drink beer just because they're trying to impress their non-Christian friends with what they consider rebellious nature.

And in case you are wondering what Jesus would Tweet....I don't think he would; I think he'd be of the nature of getting away from his computer screen and actually doing something with his life. Me? I'll stick with being lazy, and you can catch my Twitter feed here: @scott_douglas.


  1. But if Jesus did Tweet, it would probably go something like this:

    "Entering Jerusalem. You should see the crowd!"

    "My Father's house is a mess! Time to clean it up."

    "Sharing my last meal with the twelve. :("

    "They fell asleep on me again! Sheesh!"

    "Here come the guards. See you all in three days."

    "Has it been three days already? Man, time flies!"

  2. best post ever... and the comment on the post, makes it complete!