Friday, May 29, 2009

The Worst Christian Music Video Ever?

Christianity has inspired some of the best and worst music in the world. Among the best are Derek Webb, mewithoutYou, Brooke Fraser, U2 (okay, they're more Christian-ish), and Sufjan Stevens. Among the worst, well, just take a look at the video below:

This has all the qualifications of an awesomely bad Christian music video: a faux-ska rhythm, matching outfits, back up singers (nice beard!), and goofy lyrics. But "Jesus is My Friend" sounds like Bach compared to Jim Blackmon's "Jesus Christ is Coming:"


Think you can top that?


  1. but the graphics are so high tech.

  2. Another reason I just don't understand why things that are "Christian" are so lame. These videos are best viewed while wearing a clever t-shirt from Mardel, etc. ("A Bread Crumb and Fish").

  3. my name is Jim Blackmon and I dont appreciate the fact you are makeing fun of my work just because you missed the message! but, I guess you call yourself a christian????? ya thats funny!

  4. Jim,

    Just because Travis called your travesty of a video bad doesn’t make him less Christian—it just means his taste varies greatly from your own (I’m unsure why you think that’s funny?). Seriously, if you can’t take the criticism then I would suggest you stop googling your name (or, in your case, the keyword “Jesus Christ is Coming Jim Blackmon”) because the Internet is a big bad place, and not everyone is going to see you as the elegant and gallant Christian of no flaws that you apparently see each morning when you wake up and stare at yourself in the mirror. Go forth and make more bad videos! But remember if God has called you for this task then he has prepared you for those who will question this thing you call music, and that when they come a far better Christian will turn away instead of proclaim their opposition—especially on this blog, where many of the readers have grown away from the church because of people who stand a little too tall, perfect and proud.

    And in fairness, Travis wasn't even making fun of you; he was merely pointing out that he thought this video was not good and it fit a common stereotype that he sees in Christian music.

    Good luck with your music ministry; I’m sure there are people hidden among the hills who truly do see the message of this video, and they come to show their support wherever your heart calls you to sing.

  5. I appreciate your concern for my music career,I wish I could say I spend my days gazing in the mirror ,but sorry to say I don't,and as for my videos ,I don't use my artistic expression, I leave it up to my video guy to invent the video,I'm just a musician not a video producer,PLUS THE VIDEO GUY IS WORLD FAMOUS and has been a long lasting friend of mine. This is my first try at christian music so I'm sure I won't get a Grammy on my first try ,but I promise to try harder next time! God bless you! ps; I'm not mad at these comments, my music isn't for everyone....I realize it OH YA one more thing Im not from the hills, I'm from Los Angeles California.

  6. I don't recall saying you were from the hills? I said people would come from the hills to see you...and I do believe they have hills in Los Angeles (at least their were last time I looked out my window...let me check...yep, still there).

    Anyway, if you want to see the author of this posts reply, you can click over to his blog here:

  7. That Sonseed video is amazing. I have the song on a CD, ready to be played next time I'm feeling adventurous while DJing. It's insanely catchy, and I wish the rest of their album followed that style instead of going into a rather lifeless gospel/pop hybrid.

    As for Jim, the song ain't that bad, and the video is mildly entertaining. Vastly more interesting is the fact that he actually felt the need to comment on this blog because someone didn't like his work. Grow some thicker skin and be prepared to take some criticism, for Jesus' sake and for all our sake.