Friday, May 1, 2009

Wasn't Jesus Tortured?

Before I begin, let me say one thing. Lately we've been seeing a lot of comments saying, "Come look at my blog!" While we love getting to know our readers, PLEASE DON'T OUTRIGHT TELL US TO LOOK AT YOUR BLOGS!!!

When Sean Hannity said that he had no problem waterboarding a terrorist suspect to obtain information, and then added that he's a Christian*, I thought it was just typical far-right-winged jargon that people like Hannity and Rush Limbaugh spout out just to get some attention. But according to this recent article on the Pew Forum, an alarming majority of Evangelicals believe that using torture against suspected terrorists can sometimes be justified.

Here are the results:

Here's my question: wasn't Jesus tortured?

Maybe I have a different Bible, but I distinctly remember something about Jesus being beaten and whipped. I think there was also something involving some nails and a t-shaped piece of wood. Maybe I'm wrong, though.

*And he said this in front of Meghan McCain, whose father is strongly against waterboarding!


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  2. He sure was. By all those jerks calling him "Lord, Lord" not getting one shit about what he really was talkong about.

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  4. Hahaha. Now I know you, Diana, were joking. The other two, I'm not sure.