Monday, April 27, 2009

satan's Twitter page


Thought it was about time to join the twitter bandwagon...

Just got out of the shower. Listened to the White House podcast.

People love Obama--I definitely need to tap more of that resource.

Eating a bowl of cheerios--breakfast of dark lords of the underland!

Watching South Park on TiVo

Disappointed by South Parks recent portrayal of me. Why do they always make me look like a fag?

Just used my G-Phone to give an interview with Larry King to talk about how the economy effects hell.

I can't believe how many people "Claim" to have sold their soul to me.

Catching up on all my Tweet's--keep your updates coming! Loving each one!

OMG, did you see Darth Vador's tweet today? SO FUNNY!!!

why do people assume just cuz i'm the prince of darkness that i favor bush's torture practice?

I'm just glad bush believes in Jesus cuz i don't want to be messing with him...he's so crazy!

Just finished the Screwtape Letters...Lewis is one witty guy! He got us down good!

How the heck does aston kutcher have more followers then me?

I hate the phrase "Hot As Hell"...have you felt what hell feels like?

It's so hot down here we don't need microwaves to heat our food...hell is one giant microwave.

I've been polluting hell for 60 years trying to get global warming to take it's toll in hell...doesn't work

Just got an email from charles darwin commenting on how it's scientifically impossible that he hasn't evolved in hell

Really looking forward to meeting the people on God's naughty list.

Just got an email from a friend inviting me to try what do you think?

I am so over MySpace!

Watching Gossip Girl. Blair is such a bitch...I love it!

Calling it an early night...


  1. I wonder what his Facebook page will look like. "Satan is now friends with Aleister Crowley."

    Two Twitter posts in a row.

  2. I guess it's official: Twitter is on the verge of taking over the world! That Facebook idea sounds like a good one--you should write it!


    please check it out.

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