Friday, February 6, 2009

How Would Jesus Vote?

Whether or not you voted for him, you got to admire how Barack Obama reached out to the evangelical community during his campaign. Over the summer he held a special meeting with T. D. Jakes, Max Lucado, Cameron Strang, and other evangelical leaders to discuss issues relevant to the Church. He often spoke openly about his faith in Christ and how it inspires him. Obama even managed to get Christian author Donald Miller to campaign with him. While I applauded Obama for trying to bridge the gap between the Democratic Party and American evangelicals, I couldn't help but worry. Would Obama cater exclusively to the evangelical community? Will people now think God is a Democrat?

Unlike peanut butter and chocolate, politics and religion often don't make a tasty treat when combined. Too often one will dominate the other; then you get preachers sounding more like political pundits, and church suddenly becoming Fox News (or MSNBC, depending on the church).

Which is why for the longest time it was believed that the Republican party was for the good little Christians, and the Democratic Party was for the evil liberal heathens. Supposedly voting for a Democrat meant voting for Satan; then religion would become illegal, families would be destroyed, and the Muslims will take over America. Or something like that.

Fortunatley, many Christians nowadays are trying to break the dichotomous way of political thinking. They are concerned about both "conservative issues" (pro-life, marriage between a man and a woman) and "liberal issues" (the environment, social justice, fighting poverty).

In the end, however, Christianity is not about politics or social change. Faith in Christ may inspire activism (which is definitely not a bad thing), but social change is not Jesus' main mesasge. It's about Him setting the wrong things right. It's about how He sacrificed His own life so we can be reconciled with God. Besides, God's not even an American, so why should He be either a Democrat or a Republican?

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  1. i think being reconciled to G-D IS social change of the biggest proportions! A holistic approach to reconciliation with G-D includes how we treat others and all of creation. Iy is relational work. You really cannot have one without the other, imho.

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